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Fastweld Stands at the forefront in the area that specifically provide a full range of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG), Natural Gas (NG) solution to both industrial and commercial sectors in Malaysia.

Gas Supply

Whenever, wherever you need energy solutions, Fastweld is ready to serve you.

Fastweld is a registered and certified Gas Contractor with JKKP and Suruhanjaya Tenaga that provides various products and services related to Oil and Gas industries. Fastweld is committed to perform the highest standard of professionalism to serve all clients.

Natural gas that has been cooled to liquid state, at about – 162 ℃(Degree Celsius), changing it from a gas into liquid which that is 600 times smaller than its original volume.

Designated to the industrial consumers that it provides high flexibility and control for multiple usage in an extremely safe manner. Nowadays, Bulk LPG has been used extensively by small, medium, and large scale of industries for example food production, metal work, textile, hotel & resort and many others.

One of the most advanced LPG cylinder design nowadays. Accompanied with the gas piping system, it features to ensure maximum efficiency and result in lower cost.

one of the widest use LPG gas cylinders in the local market, where it is commonly use in hotel, restaurant, factories, resort, and many others. Apart from that, there are also various type of 50kg cylinder that customer may choose in order suit with their gas appliance needs.

One of widest household used cylinder across the whole Malaysia. 12 kg/ 14 kg is perfectly designed and suitable use for neighborhood businesses from household, commercial kitchen and various other commercial and industrial sectors.

Whenever, wherever you need energy solutions, Fastweld is ready to serve you.

We look forward to partnering with you and delivering excellence in the industry.