Our story

Your One Stop Energy Solution Provider since 2005

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Fastweld is a one-stop energy service provider with over more than 15 years+ practical experience that serves a broad mix of private and public sectors. We help our client make significant improvement, efficiency and effectiveness to their business performance by providing them a full range Liquified Natural Gas (LNG),Liquified Petroleum Gas(LPG) and Natural Gas(NG) solution, which includes Gas pipeline installation, LPG/LNG gas supply, and Pipeline maintenance.

In addition, safety and health is always Fastweld key priority at all time. Fastweld is always aim to minimize the risk and create a safety environment to our customers, suppliers and employees via our business operations. Not only that, we are committed to deliver a sustainable performance in a safety manner throughout our unique system in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness to our valued customers.

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Our Vision

To be a leader in Oil and Gas industry and top preferred services provider in Malaysia. To offer world class quality in all of our services

Our Mission

To develop energy resources safety, profitably and responsibly to maximize the value for both our stakeholder and shareholder.

Our Value

Integrity, Innovation, Accountability, Diversity, Openness, Leadership, Passion
and Quality.

Why Choose Us

Our Commitment and Our Practice make Fastweld become more outstanding, competitive, valuable than others in the industry.

“Grow together” has been cultivated in Fastweld since its establishment and this is why we able to find professional, solid, dedicated members who are in the firm today.  We take a consistent approach to identify what customer needs and quickly respond to deliver the right team, right experience, and expertise to our valued customer to solve their problems.

Our Team member comprises of different area of expertise which includes engineer, marketer, entrepreneurs, and others from different sectors. At Fastweld, they found the opportunity to apply their talents to complex challenges and serve the community needs.

Identify the customer needs is one of the Fastweld’s core values. “How to improve the effectively and efficiency in customer’s business”, “ How to help customers reduce the cost of business”, “ How to enhance the value to our customers”  and many others element has been always the principles how Fastweld is trying to deliver to our customers. In order to do this, we always seek for new and better ways to serve our customer better.

Therefore, we consistently take innovative and practical approach to identify what our customers’ needs and wants and help them to build the capabilities that enables them to achieve their sustainable advantages.

Fastweld is committed to provide after sales support as “ Put client first” is one of our core values. Fastweld is always strive to pursue excellence services and continuous support has become one of the greatest added-value that we committed deliver to our clients.

We are committed to create value for our customers that enable helps them reduce the invincible cost for example, hassle-free, time-saving, safer way, and many others. We deliver not just energy products and services, but also positive changes in the business.

Our Commitment

Fastweld is committed to perform the highest standard of professionalism to serve all clients.

Fastweld was established in the year of 2000, Fastweld is well-known and acknowledged as a pioneer in providing Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Natural Gas (NG) solution in Malaysia with impressive and outstanding quality of work and services.

Commitment and Passion

Committed to do at our best with passion that resulting in “Highest Quality work”. One of the key values to our stakeholder.

Integrity and Openness

Integrity and openness are the fundamentals to a business that build trust on everything that matters.


Focus on what is needed and abandon what is not. Be practical, honest and realistic.

One Whole Team

We go forward together, we success together. Attitude, respect, ethical, truthfulness are the principles in Fastweld that embraces the teams to deliver the best products and services and value to our customers.

Whenever, wherever you need energy solutions, Fastweld is ready to serve you.

We look forward to partnering with you and delivering excellence in the industry.