Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)

Bulk LPG is designated to the industrial consumers that it provides high flexibility and control for multiple usage in an extremely safe manner. Nowadays, Bulk LPG has been used extensively by small, medium, and large scale of industries for example food production, metal work, textile, hotel & resort and many others.
Benefits of Bulk LPG
Save cost-  Minimal cost/ No cost involved for the tank cylinder installation. ( Depending on the tank farm size and gas usage).

Reliable and Efficiency Supply – Reducing delivery intervals and delivery time.


Better Observation- Meter shown on the top enables user to monitor their LPG usage level in a better way in term of calculating cost and refueling time.

Complete Combustion- Maximize the LPG usage ensure its efficiency.
Safety- Strict adhere to JKKP and Suruhanjaya Tenaga standard ( Complied with International safety standard)