C 12 & 14 kg Cylinder


Domestic Cylinder is one of widest household used cylinder across the whole Malaysia. 12 kg/ 14 kg is perfectly designed and suitable use for neighborhood businesses from household, commercial kitchen and various other commercial and industrial sectors.
Benefits of 12 kg/14 kg LPG cylinder

Wide Distribution Network – Consumers can easily purchase the products at anywhere in Malaysia.


A cost-effective energy source, LPG is more five times more efficient than traditional fuels, Resulting in producing less energy wastage and better use of our planet resources

Indefinite Shelf life – There is no any definite shelf life as LPG does not deteriorate over time unlike some other liquid fuels that gel, stratify or evaporate.


Portable – Easy to carry, transfer or move any places that suits your storage place.


High Compatibility – Serves very wide range of commercial and industrial business needs.